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The BHMA Camden Alumni Chapter, stalwart sentinel and advocate of the Mather legacy, is a sub-committee of the KCCCC and acts as a “guiding force” for the implementation of the memorial.

Subcommittee members provided the school's historical information for the display boards and a Historic Campbell Street brochure.

(In 1997, the National Alumni Association explored the same idea and formed a proposal committee that drew a sketch. The action was based on a written offer from the former landowners, the Methodist Church’s Women’s Division, to donate two acres. The church group later denied the offer was official and stated their policy is to not donate land.)

For more information, contact Camden Chapter president Mike McClendon at 803-243-7814.
Excerpt from Clifton W. Anderson's presentation before Kershaw County Council:

"8. Mather Academy --- research has been an enriching experience -- was Camden's most magnificent building and educational facility - early history - founders, Lang Plantation, etc. In 1950's students from 15 states, D.C., Bermuda, Haiti, Jamaica, Virgin Islands - was truly a school for scholars - was a Class A school one of top 4 High Schools in South Carolina. Owner has given us permission to utilize a small plot for the memorial. Immediate plans - to remove litter and brush, professional trim trees, fabricate and install a recreation of the BHM sign spanning the brick columns. Will work with the president of the alumni and his group to finalize plans, will continue with bird sanctuary here."
KCCCC Chairman Clifton W. Anderson (left) shakes hands with BHMA Camden Alumni Chapter President Mike McClendon at the brick column entrance to the memorial site.
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