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Lulu Bryan (1896-1998), Mather Academy's principal from 1933 to 1951, is fondly remembered as a caring person by those who were students during her tenure. A Methodist Church deaconess, she came to Mather Academy as a teacher in 1927, became principal in January 1928, and named superintendent in 1939. The boys' dormitory, built in 1950, was named Bryan Hall in her honor.

After her retirement and until shortly before her death in 1998, she lived for a number of years with Estelle Dixon Mitchell ('43).

At the BHMA 2002 Reunion in Atlanta, Mrs. Mitchell brought some of Ms. Bryan's photos, jewelry and other keepsakes for viewing and reflection by alumni. Some of the items are presented on these pages.
Ms. Bryan kept track of many of her students, sending cards on their birthdays and various anniversaries long after they graduated and grew into adulthood. She meticulously recorded significant dates and accomplishments in little log books, along with any photos and news clippings that happened to come her way. For example, here she notes 1970, when this former student apparently visited the Holy Land.
This monogram pin features the initials "LBB" which stand for "Lulu Belle Bryan."
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In 1946, Mather's Principal Lulu B. Bryan invited civil rights activist W.E.B. Du Bois to speak at that year's commencement or the school's anniversary in February 1947. Click the title to view their letters on the web.
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