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                                     1995 . . . .
Collett requests Camden City Council to rezone
 the land from multi-family to commercial.

                                  1995-'96 . . . .
Zoning hearings are held. Each time, NAA President
Sylvia Haile ('54), Ruby Minton ('52) and others attend,
raise objections, present strong arguments and submit
petitions. They succeed in convincing the City Council
to defeat the request.

                                     1996 . . . .
Camden City Council votes to approve the re-zoning. At an
October Summit Meeting called by President Agnes
Thomas-Abernethy ('46) in Camden, the NAA votes to
support efforts of a Camden-based pro-Mather group,
the Camden Coalition to Develop the Tent of
Reconciliation. The ad hoc group hoped to hire a lawyer
to explore legal strategies.

                                   Summer 1997 . . . .
At Summit Meeting II, NAA votes to (1) accept the Women's Division offer of two acres to be DONATED for a Memorial, based on an acceptable proposal; (2) allow President Abernethy to negotiate to purchase the remaining property for the Tent group; and (3) form a committee to draft a proposal letter outlining the plan for the Memorial, as requested by the Women's Division.

                                  Fall 1997 . . . .
The Women's Division states that (1) a "formal request" must be made for the donated land; (2) donating land is against policy; (3) the unsold land price remains at $475,000 (a price the NAA thinks is too high); and (4) other minority groups have had to purchase properties. President Abernethy asks that the proposal letter serve as the formal request.

                                 1998 . . . .

The Women's Division responds that the donation offer was merely the recommendation of one of its staff members and not an official action by the Women's Division. The donation request is denied, but the NAA is told that some land is still available for purchase.

                                  1999 . . . .
President Abernethy writes asking for an official plat instead of an unofficial drawing, and expresses hope that the Women's Division reconsiders donating the land. There is no response.

                                  2005 . . . .
The owner of part of the remaining Mather property gives permission for a BHMA memorial site.

                                 2017 . . . .
The BHMA Memorial Site remains intact as a permanent part of the Camden scene after a developer builds apartments and the city builds a tennis center after those entities purchase the property.

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Reunion Photos
Construction of Eckerd's underway
behind brick portal where Browning Hall once stood.
(Below) Scenes of the school building, shortly before demolition.
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