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Some of the "Boomers" pause after an organizational meeting at an Atlanta area restaurant. Front row (from left): Joyce Godbolte Ham, Georgia Fashion Brown, Linda Parr Hughes, Cynthia Dozier Long, Shirley Robinson and Bobbie Harris Burkes. Middle row (from left): Brazellia Wilson Baker, Keilier Baker Dixon, Stella Harris Browne, Barbara English Lewis and Mrs. Charles English. Back row (from left): Jerome Chisolm, Anita Martin Burns, Charles English and William Durant.
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Reunion Photos
2004 - Atlanta Metro 'Baby Boomers'
(January 2004)........Seated are (from left): Barbara English Lewis ('70); Shirley Robinson ('67); Linda Parr Hughes ('70); Joyce Godbolte Ham (ex. '65); and Bobbie Harris Burkes ('67). Standing are (from left): Christine Bush Lloyd ('65); Georgia Fashion Brown ('69); Charles English ('67); Anita Martin Burns ('66); Jerome Chisolm ('69); Brazellia Wilson Baker ('66); Stella Harris Browne ('66); Keilier Baker Dixon ('66); William Durant ('66) and Kenneth Ings ('65).
(January 2005)......Seated are (from left): Joyce Godbolte Ham and Brazellia Wilson Baker. Standing are (from left): Cynthia Dozier Long, Kenneth Ings, Christine Bush Lloyd, Anita Martin Burns, William Durant and Georgia Fashion Brown.
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